A teaser

A walk to begin

A walk to meet an end

A path worthy to take

A lifetime to make

A humanity encapsulating

An ordinary life extraordinary animating

A meaningful existence

A path truly worth remembering

Journey of a Life Walker

Roy Mark Azanza Corrales

12/10/2017 1:40 AM PST



Phase of living

Phase of living

To raise above the thrill of life

Matching inner core like a leaf

Much in giving to render a rise

Surprises of living phase surpasses

In each cutting edge of realization

Certainly actions lingering reaction

Emotions absurd at times positioning

Its immense madness proposing

The lingos of time encapsulating its vagueness

Immense refuge desiring happiness

Communing immense torpidity consuming

Reaching beyond the precepts sending

The \equation of undeniable phase gazing

To be a beacon of hope inspiring

© Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 10:15 AM PST 01/10/2017

Life Circles

Life Circles

To look into winds of change
Seemingly happening estrange
Confronting realization astounding
Radiating within expounding

Realities interplaying unwinding
Such determination rewinding
Clarity of manners realizing
Humanity always much analyzing

Closing in the circularities amazing
Determined path a reminder arising
Living out the closures of ranges
Dining out the clear path arranges

Moving of life circles phasing
Lessons learned a memory amazing

(C) Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 10 pm PST 29/09/2017