In every debate , there is always pro and anti side over an debatable issue.

At a court proceeding, there is always prosecution and defense over a civil or criminal suit.

But there is always adjudicator or judge in every proceeding or debate who always see the objective of an issue at hand.


When house votation in any organization or company as well as government body , as per Robert’s Rules of Order, the house divided for neas and yeas, so that the issue is voted amongst the majority over minority in order that there is order in the lives of greater number of people.


The realm of knowledge as well as social-political dynamics is always things to discuss upon: realism and idealism, free form and canon , liberal and conservative, government and opposition, republican and democrat , and numerous thousandfold ideas and concepts that we are called to be in harmony amidst the conflicting yet prevailing in our midst, we are called to come in the middle ground of things, otherwise the world would be in total chaos or disarray.


Life always give us things left to accept, ponder , and grasp at it into fullness as making our lives complete and meaningful.




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