What does PENTASI B SOCIETY stand for? P- Philosophical Evolving, extraordinary N-ew genre T-echnology ( 4Ms -Multimodal, Multisensorial, Multiangular and Multidimensional) Arts and aesthetics Science ( essence of Doc PenPen’s works as pathologist) I-invention and innovation

Bio or the Life

This definition was shared to us by Ms. Ceri Naz in the PENTASI B HISTORICAL FORUM at Marble Hall, National Museum last 15th day of November 2013.



Professor Lily Tope discussed in the forum what PENTASI B belong to modern poetry but it is part of POST MODERN POETRY as it illuminates new expressions and new modes of conveying message in the poetry genre , furthermore, it may or may not adhere in the known canons or poetry schematics , nonetheless, it is new trend in this fast pacing world. The relevance of poets in this post modern times is still matter-of-fact and ever challenging the society in social transformation and political as humanitarian progression as a nation as well as the post modern world.


We are indeed called to share the different hues, colors and other things that seems to marvel the human spirit as well as human person in sharing the world how it evolves, modify , assimilate which can be in different aspect of everyday living. Nonetheless, it is a worthwhile commitment in realizing how one man was given recognition had turn inspire others in this modality and in return , the collective effort be realized as we journey to continue inspire others through our poetry as we are continual inspire by Doc Penpen , and Ms. Ceri as it is a gift which manifest a gesture of gratefulness as post modern poets of this age, we call for commitment that message of inspiration and core values of our humanity be shared as well.


2:13 pm





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