How I was raised in this challenging times?


Individuality merged in a lifetime commitment,

constant challenges always kept one abreast in everyday of one’s life;

nonetheless, it always a daily demands in which one had to raise a family;

noteworthy the life is constantly life battles whether for betterment and

call for maturity, every encounter seem to be bound in cyclic events.



The foundation of every relationship is honesty, full disclosure about selves and

able to withstand inquiries stories to be unveil; the story bounded to endless loop,

The dialogue became dulled and apathetic that it led to breakdown to its commitment;


Nonetheless, it made one to decide to call the shot off, whereby the tedious journey

assimilate what is known exchanges the plight of frustration, desperation and angst;

process of becoming and unbecoming integrates resulted into being;


The society in toto further confound in the realm of acceptability and morality ;

the perception always demise sheer credence into the realization

how one conquer into realization no matter what situation one is into becoming to being.




10:00 am






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