How one may understand the works of Doc Penpen in our daily lives?



When we are began understanding our native language or dialect, we find things normally connected with the letter to a words. In English, to young kid letter A is connected with a word “ Apple” , in Filipino, A is equivalent as “ASO.”


One philosopher said it is a language game, we must come to agreement what a certain word truly meant. The word who uttered , written or spoken , one who receive the message and receiver of the message.


But with Doc Penpen’s work , a mere dot in blank paper how we dealt with it and understand or even explain as explain by international poet Zayra Ves discussed to us yesterday.


Professor Lily Tope explain to us how Visual poetry had already started when the Eygptians started the hieroglyphics , and man ‘s quest to visually expressed the poetry genre in this format.


The unveiling event both from book form and one poem dedicated to fellow poets by Doc. In every poem how it convey message not just mere prints when the ultraviolet ray passes through the page, the evoking message which is truly clearly manifest what Doc Penpen ‘s true message convey. If you are a skeptic or doubter, the message must be experienced that it is a whimsical yet truly felt within one’s being and truly influence one’s life challenges whether negative will be overturn this true masterpiece of masterpiece.


It revealed the richness, depth as well as ever echoing message of love, friendship, and other emotions that convey the messages of hope and love for others. Truly we affect one another now we can share how Visual poetry empower us to be participant, sharer and doer of the craft that it will last beyond my limited age in this lifetime. It is a legacy and frontier that we share to the world as Doc Penpen initiated as his our father as we are his children to share to the world that had harsh, irrelevant yet constantly challenges us to be part of daily unfolding life events.





9:40 AM





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