Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Aftermath


Crushing Winds as it ripping through the Philippine Islands, chaos everywhere

peace and order shattered,Lives are lost yet people though survive

amidst we can no longer how people affected see dawn with hope and fervor

for tomorrow to come with truly a sunshine experience.


Gripping reality how tremendous and wide is landscape where people shared forsaken tales;

the erring feeling to do in little things in offering what is their worth shared tales;

fame, unpopular, rich and poor shared what is meager meal in order to survive

politicians and other opportunists should never thrive;


Reality is how we can help lest not blame;

Collective effort lest self centered popularity;

Shared effort surely alleviate the plight to welcome new dawn be claimed;


New Tomorrow did move forward as we shared in misery ,

uplifting spirit to shoulder as nation of strong spirit living a community spirit

indeed trials and tribulation overcome in sharing one spirit of communion and unity.




11:45 AM






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