Paggalang sa Ating Matanda

Dapat tayo gumalang
Sa ating matatanda,
Ang pagsasabi ng po at opo ay tanda ng paggalang.

Tayo ay dapat magaliw
At bigay respeto
Tungo sa pagunlad
Ng lahi at pagunsad
Ng lupain nang
Paggalang at pagbugay.

©Roy Mark Corrales
8:11 am

(Mula sa taludtod ni Kasining Ginoo Gil Banares sa isa sa mga tula ko. Maraming salamat po.)

Special note: one of Filipino tradition by saying “po “ and “opo” as a sign of respect of a young person to his or her elder. It is a sign of respect and reverence for elders. These words are used for every conversation between young and old. It is a timeless treasure.

Giving Respect to Elders

We must pay respect to every elder

that we engage in conversation with,

it will surely lead true progress of oneself especially for the young

For every conversation, we utter words of respect which are “po” and “opo”

and true sign of respect and reverence to the elders.

We must pay respect with enthusiasm and reverence,

it will lead to self-progress aiming for nation’s productivity, and

it will surely uplifting moments of the nation as well as its growth and maturity.

©Roy Mark Corrales

1:54 pm


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