Enlivening the different facet of human expressions in varied ways delivering various human events whether good, bad, memorable and nameless expression in conveying message of life thru process of humanity role in the whole wide universe.


World is indeed vast yet measurable what is accorded in the eyes of any human, certainly the path is now getting closer and fostering ways in conflicting motions, emotions and genre to pave way in the dimension of human technologies as well as humanity’s expression how the universe and the world revolves.


Pearl of the Orient is a country where natural resources and human resources that is truly majestic, remarkable, memorable and truly worth a treasure in the Asian plate; Known for BPO hub of business enterprises es of well known brands and companies, now the country is now envisioned as Poetry Hub of the world where vast persons of cascading human expressions voice out the inner heart of our own humanity.


Truly expression of humanity how man convey the inner corners of his core humanity as well as his mind in invoking the human expression in the poetical expression transcend all corners of walls of division that brings unity in all of us an ever changing world.


9:58 pm






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