A Hitman Tutor Reborn: From Ciazzou to Chaos





Being cursed with sign of being a babe though amongst the strongest in the Mafia realm. The path of inner strength and true Mafia leadership in leading the would be bosses of various Mafia groups at Italy as well as Japanese gangs which you are known for a true hit-man as well as a tutor for all next generation bosses.


Falling in love is just a cup tea for you, Reborn Sun Arcobaleno whom get respect from your group Arcobaleno which are group of person which varied property and weaponry at its best. The proof of which when battle is at hand your shape shifter Leon at the top of your awesome hat take charge at battle with various bullets especially known to struck down any opponent at hand.


Reborn always greets his friends and foes with” Ciazzou” but later in his adult non curse form “Chaos.”



10:50 PM



photo source: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/312/e/2/reborn_409_coloring_by_yokuo-d5kfdya.jpg




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