Man and his relationship

Roy Mark Azanza Corrales

There is always a mystery how we relate each other whether we are part of a family, simple acquaintance, close friend, best friend or BFF, lover or beloved, and still indeed an old cliché states that no man is an island, surely a loner person will need to find his companion whom she or he shares his or her inner person-hood in the wit of conversation surely manifest even more.

Ideas, words, sentences, stanza in a poetry selection or paragraph in a short story or a novel, man has to relate otherwise the vicissitudes and fluctuations of our human spirit into insanity. Alas, man has to relate to himself, person around him or her, community, society and world.

Relationship deepens when you dig ourselves with people whom we know and trust with. Memories are forged and gathered in realizing a goal, a dream and an ambition. It is a reality not work of fantasy.

What is man without another person? Relationship works and reinforce.

4:30 pm


photo source: and his relationships2-page-001


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