Solons’ ignorance of pork barrel use is hogwash

Teddy Casiño

The feigned ignorance of some lawmakers about the misuse of their pork barrel funds is illogical, improbable and something we should all answer with the words, “Ano tingin mo sa akin, tanga?

Imagine a pig in a pig sty, snout covered in shit, telling us “Oh, I didn’t know what I was eating.”

I was in Congress for nine years. I saw how zealously congressmen and senators treat their share of the pork. In fact, for many members of Congress, their projects are more important than their legislative work because it is their main source of political patronage and funding, which are so crucial in winning elections. Politicians tend to treat their pork barrel as personal funds, requiring that every peso, every goddamn centavo, is spent in the pursuit of one’s personal politicial and/or economic agenda.

Besides, there are mechanisms to prevent a congressman’s or senator’s pork from…

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