Do not speak too soon


Roy Mark Azanza Corrales



As always many false allegation against the little one who always belittle and malign by many persons as well as made fun of some popular satire in this civil society.


The sweeping plight of life’s golden rule surely resonate in many facets leading to the person who constantly maleficent this person, sadly in due time , the truth no longer be concealed, alas, it lead at time to misled by sure publicity stint of this “good governance walking toward the straight path of righteousness.”


The question after question, inquiry after inquiry and query after query will be face soon with clamor what is real and absolute “truth” amidst such animosities and scandal among the personages of political patronage who any policy will be address if you surely abide the autocrat of beloved state which led the disgust of world as well as people who support the government through payment of mandatory burden to make nation work in service of less privileged and outcast of the society.


Advocacies always passes through in the mulitmedia level as social network advocacies where the extraction of truth is not of the past alone, the present moment till the certainty and unclear foreshadowing of the future is at hand. The truth shall not be concealed for their vested interested but the truth will be uncovered and untarnished what lies future of hope and tranquility be address.

3: 56 pm

07 September 2013

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