A life as a Commuter

Roy Mark Azanza Corrales


Everyday it is a constant struggle whether someone or anyone strive to arrive in his or her destination.

A destination where a place of abode, workplace, leisure, and other related matters.


The point of transportation varies from land , sea and air, but the lifestyle of every commuter remains varied and differentiated to anyone or someone.


Sometimes common courtesies among women whether pregnant or not, disabled, senior citizen and it is always sometimes respected or not. The value of respect and courtesy as well as proper demeanor is always a question of reality or not.


Surely the problem of factulation tariffs in reaching to a destination always consulted publicly and implemented by each operator or company but there is always time for protest and consensus ,alas, the commuter must indeed accept it because the government make sure that it will be realized for the common good of every commuting person or a group of persons.


The cyclic realization is recognize in reaching the terminus as a life as a Commuter.


03 September 2013

2:09 pm


photo source: http://cuervopropertyadvisory.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/collage.jpg






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