How to avoid overused words, jargon, idioms and cliches

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I’m working on a mission and vision statement for a soon-to-be-launched design house in Sweden. It’s fun. And it’s amazing how much work goes into a few lines of text, primarily because of how much impact these two statements have on shaping the business. Honestly, it’s quite humbling to be involved.

My passion has always been in working with start-ups. It’s like giving birth. Scratch that. It is NOTHING like giving birth. Been there, done that. And if you’re a Mommy, there’s nothing quite like THAT experience ;-). I’ll compare working with start-ups to the beginnings of a new, romantic relationship. So much excitement, mystery, passion and hope mixed with confusion, awkwardness, fear and anxiety. It’s a rush.

Just like a new romantic relationship, you have visions of a beautiful end result. Marriage, a family? In the case of a small business, hitting big customer and $$$ milestones? Words like:…

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2 thoughts on “How to avoid overused words, jargon, idioms and cliches

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