#MillionPeopleMarch #ScrapAllPork




Exposure of “patronage politics” where politicians’ votes on whatever issue at hand is always things which might things done in all possibilities; nonetheless, we are facing a reality that people we vote in the highly esteemed position of our motherland for providing reforming the system as well as addressing the social problem in the endless loop for sake of the forsaken, deprived as well as poverty which the intertwining reality . Was the current government able to address the issue at hand?


Indeed the civil society as well as scholastic and religious sectors of our country had called for total eradication of this fiasco or scandal. We are really aghast and disgusted how a leader allow such “patronage politicking” prevails in order what he or she deemed necessary in order to get his or her order of business be realized. It is also need to address with his or her own PDAF which is highly viable for social development fund and must be checked, audited and disclosed for public scrunity.


The grand eyeball for pork barrel eradication must be address with the concerned agencies and deal with as well as the true justice must prevail. The clarification of non biased , non partisan and well informed news gives what is true sense and totally touch with reality how a nation like ours indeed face what is ambiguous and poor sector of our country needs basic services from government which address their needs and the upliftment of their lives which everyday is always a publicity stint. The Truth must be uncovered and untarnished by any person who has no vested interest in this behalf.


The pork barrel issue must be dealt with it soon otherwise the aghast and fury will not end. Hoping this issue will end the soonest. The path of Truth , Justice and Good Governance is the adequate Disclosure and Transparency in all forms.


27 August 2013




photo source: http://static.rappler.com/images/Antiporkmarch-Aug26poster-20130818.jpg



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