The Professional Heckler

THESE ARE the transcripts of several phone conversations that were recorded in the past 10 days. The calls were apparently intercepted by a concerned anonymous group who also shared some copies online. Unfortunately, the people talking were not identified. Hulaan n’yo na lang.

[Phone ringing]
Woman 1: Hello… ?
Woman 2: Hello… bebe gerr?
Woman 1: Mommmmmm! Where are you ba? I’m so worried. I couldn’t sleep.
Woman 2: Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa ‘yo bebe gerr. Kung ‘di ka makatulog d’yan sa LA, paano na lang ako?!
[Call abruptly cut]

[Phone ringing]
Woman 1: Hello mom?
Woman 2: Naputol ka bebe gerr. By the ways, narinig mo na ba ang balita bebe gerr? Wala na raw pork barrel starting 2015. Patay tayo.
Woman 1: I know right!
Woman 2: So bebe gerr, hinay-hinay sa gastos ok? Tipid tipid din ‘pag may time.
Woman 1: Where’d you learn that…

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