We are entitled to any service whether from private, religious, social as well as governmental effort because we share in the understanding how we see ourselves as we co-share. co-create, coordinate,and we paying as thrusting towards the development of nation.


Sadly, we are now facing a scandal amidst how hardworking citizens paid through the mandatory burden in mode of monthly payment for Mother homeland. Lastly, Fury, aghast and disgust over such people who manipulated such funding in the hands of legislative branch as well as several person through groups working for social development.


We need to fight what is truly rightful and dignified how such fund be utilized in dealing with collective effort with legitimatizing ground for the elected individuals and person involved to explain how such scandal permutes as it realized.


The Fight for Truth is surely what can be uncovered as well as unearthed the essence of it and the light over the darkness of shameful act became truthful vessel for people be pacified and satisfied over such issue.

22 August 2013

8:10 pm

PHOTO SOURCE: http://static.rappler.com/images/pork-barrel-generic-20130717.jpg






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