Breaking point to let go






Anything that comes into our mind we ponder upon it , it is a process what deemed best for all


to consider, it is truly an outcome to be amazed , disgusted or the point of letting it all go away.




Alas it is always things to consider and worry upon in every situation that we are always in and when the choking or hitting beyond our reach, we are overwhelmed and sometimes we led into drowning.




We are always amazed when someone in our lives are able to let it go or move forward ;


surely that is worth admiring about since some or most of people never seem to let it go or gone with the wind.




Why does person never seem to hold with it as is filed as vertical file in a cabinet or a folder in the any document library in a computer system? It is just taunting and tedious just throw it away.




Always there is a simple solution that we can communicate which learning to confront it head on and throw it way as it is just a dirt in our being.




Doing things creatively which can lessen the animosities from within, live life to fullest and share a heart not burden to anyone. Life is still worth living.




21 August 2013



10:33 am


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