Thinking Man

Roy Mark Azanza Corrales


Being born to this world , we remain to ponder what life truly lies,

absurdity,obscurity and all things emanate in the psyche of this rational animal ponders;

The puzzle and maze of life stories is indeed processed and ingests;

what life that man creates?


Question anything under the sun is an old cliche;

nonetheless, it is story what lies beneath in all;

Problems, trials and tribulations are assimilated in cascading realizations for all;

what life seems to animate?


Belief system or otherwise, cynicism , materialism, pragmatism and atheistic idealism

prevails in man to ponder his sound fundamentalism.

Truth is absolute reality but it is not real sense but romanticism of belief systems

What life tend to believe?


Thinking man is what he or she affirm and manifest his or her lifetime.

Man is a gift for this earth to yield his worth for all be witness to realize.

Thinking man is product of his own being and being to share for all.

Let us ponder and live it fullest.


14 August 2013

10:48 am



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