Katekyo Hitman Reborn Awesomeness

Palace behind The Moon

If you’ve read my previous post where i said i really love ‘Famiglia ~ Yakusoku no Basho de~’ more than even Shikata’s song i mean, this one…Yes, i really do.

That song strikes me hard, i really love that song for it’s togetherness, i love how almost all Reborn crew sings together and it just so wonderful *despite how bad their voicescoughcough*

To be honest, if you’re orgasm while listening to Shimotsuki,Shikata, or Mitose’s individual beautiful song, my orgasm coming from songs which is performed more than one person.

Awww, how beatiful… Famiglia ~ Yakusoku no Basho de ~ is wonderful…i really love this song so much…performed together [Tsuna,Goku,Yama,Ryouhei,Hiba,Muku,Lambo,Reborn,Kyoko,I-pin,&Haru] and it really is wonderful…

Then i come across this 2 songs

Sakura Addiction – http://www.mediafire.com/?jo0kynoyzak
Drawing Days – http://www.mediafire.com/?syo8fuojrsm

What? I’ve listened to Sakura Addiction & Drawing Days more than once a day!?!

No, these 2…. ARE PERFORMED BY…

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