Bound For Disappointment

Catholic Sensibility

Cardinal Walter Kasper weighs in on the punditry surrounding Pope Francis.

“Many will be disappointed in Francis,” he said, surmising that the so-called conservative branch already feels let down “because he doesn’t have the intellectual heft of Benedict and then because he abolished the pontifical court — something I am grateful for; it was an anachronistic extravagance.”

I think that branch is disappointed in more than a drop off in intellect. I think the bigger disappointment on the way is that this branch will wax crestfallen that progressives won’t go collectively sour on Pope Francis.

The cardinal predicted the so-called progressive wing would not be happy either because even though the pope has ushered in a change in style, “he will not change the content.”

I don’t know about all the others who flock with feathers like mine, but I think I will be happy enough. We have a pastor in…

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