How Independent is the Philippines right now?


photo caption: Screen grab of the Rock Ed and NHC Lupang Hinirang Video
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“A truly independent country should be marked by freedom from hunger, poverty and despair enjoyed by every Filipino,” Cayetano said in a statement.

“Decentralizing government and fair funding for small businesses will help us free more Filipinos from poverty; effective decentralized governments units and small business are a key to creating jobs,” he said.

Several administration under number of Presidents of the country is really cyclic claimed that they did better than any other but the reality remains, all promises realized , how we wonder in the passing time. Does government really addressing the issues at hand? is it too much talkies less action? are we believing in what they are saying? are they doing it before and after they are elected in the office?
Now the reality is now facing our country right now, the morality of every Filipino is now under question where certain issues at hand and the question of Reproductive Health , Divorce and same sex marriage. Nonetheless, the poverty and unemployment issues is still hand to be always explained and it is always undermined and seemingly “being addressed or being ignored”.
The truth hurts but it need to face head on which it need to be addressed and true progress can be realized.

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