4/9 Motivation Theories



Instinct Theory– applies to animals more than humans.  Your cat did not have to learn to clean itself, your cat is born with this instinct.

Drive Reduction Theory-early theory that our physiology (or biological needs) motivates us. EX.  You are thirsty, you drink water or you wake up late and skip breakfast, your body has a need for food. This need creates a drive, hunger, what do you next?

This theory based around the concept of homeostasis, the idea that the body actively works to maintain a certain state of balance or equilibrium.

Arousal Theory-simply states that we seek an optimum level of excitement or arousal.    Yerkes-Dodson Law states too little or low arousal  or too much arousal or stimulation affects performance.

The YD-Law is demonstrated in the graph above.

You can  break the graph into three regions:

  1. When your stress is low…

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