2017 Alumni Homecoming #theboysarebackintown

2017 Alumni Homecoming #theboysarebackintown


Realization far fetching

Now coming toward its own understanding

With familiar choices withstanding

Coming to  endless sentiments

Coming to its endurables passing

Unending norms far wide endearing eventualities

Noteworthy tasks cherishing

Subject appealing

Families of linear massiveness

To bridge the endless affairs

To its echoes wonderment

Emergence of unending feats of unforgettable night


18092017 First Edition

20092017 Revised Edition



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A Life Walker

A Life Walker

A road worth taking
Each day in passing
To look beyond the matters of living
Dining out in the vagueness of an experience

Reading each tasks to its meaning
A key in its keeper sustaining
Yielding in ways of every nature
Creating space in life stature

Producing the masterpiece eventualities
To preclude the ways of actualities
Evermore realizing the gazing of another self
Being true to self

Crescendo of the living realizing
Moving life most meaning

(C) Roy Mark Azanza Corrales 1130 am PST 18092017